From Commercial to Hobby beekeeper

I mentored under one of the smartest guys I have ever known, my father-in-law Glenn. He taught me everything he knew.

Commercial beekeeping was the only way we knew how to keep bees. Unfortunately, those practices involved harsh chemical treatments against pests & disease, feeding our bees high fructose corn syrup which is full of pesticides. But we didn't know.

Our practices have greatly improved through the years to become much more bee-friendly. Unfortunately, modern agriculture still sprays the heck out of everything, killing our bees.

Can you imagine looking at a beehive with piles of dead bees just outside the entrance? It's horrible.

Now, my hives are chemical free and I maintain my apiaries (bee yards) in areas where there is no spray. The honey they make is unlike any other:

- Wild Cultivated

- Chemical free

- No sugar syrup and no HFCS either!

When you support beekeepers that have a better way in mind, you're supporting a better system. And when you do, you win because of the higher quality products made at local levels in small batches.

So thank you for choosing to Bee Native!

J. Adam Hargus

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