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This is the pilot post for my new online store for apparel & accessories that you can choose and Bee Native.

I originally designed a completely different graphic for my first products, which is coming soon! But I really needed a logo to brand my business with and decided to combine the elements of how my beekeeping business began: Honey bees and Native American style Tipi.

It all started with 13 original colonies...honey bee colonies :) My Native American Tipi was perfect for doubling as a workshop for hand-crafting all of the wooden ware for my beekeeping equipment.

Why a Tipi? Why not a shed or something? 

Well, when my wife Holly and I bought our property in the north Georgia mountains in 2013, there were no structures, just 5 acres of overgrown wildflowers, pines and deciduous trees with a huge creek running right down the middle.

 So to spend time on our new place during our off season in Florida, we bought a Tipi and put it up to live in. We spent two summers in it for a total of 6 months.

Eventually I built an off-grid tiny house and the Tipi became the bee-shed.

Thus my logo was born, Native American feathers, striped like a bee...and it looks pretty freakin awesome if you ask me ;)

The rest is history:)

J. Adam Hargus


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